In a world where the Internet can put almost any book at your fingertips, what good reason is there to shop with us? How about five good reasons?

Meticulous organization
Thrift stores (even those that mainly sell books) will make an attempt to organize their stock, but only in the most general categories. We subdivide all our nonfiction books carefully into precise categories, and organize all our fiction by author. You save time and find the item you need right away.

What goes around, goes around
According to the latest figures from the American Independent Business Alliance, local businesses return 48% of their revenue to their community, versus 13.6% for chain retailers. In the case of online sales, a community might see as little as $1 out of every $50 spent! Even the taxes you pay on a sale benefit your community more. Studies have found that local retailers returned far more tax revenue to their local governments than chain retailers for the amount the governments spent on services.

A healthier environment and infrastructure
We don’t have fleets of trucks, tons of packaging or lights left on 24 hours a day. Buying from us means you’re buying from a cleaner retailer and you’re reusing a book, magazine or CD that might otherwise head to the landfill.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff
Local businesses are a source of community; they’ve been called “the ultimate social networking sites.” There’s nothing our volunteer staff loves more than helping a reader find a great book.

Funding a noble cause
Local businesses donate to charity at a much higher rate than large national businesses. But the VOICES Book Nook goes further than that—our proceeds help fund VOICES of Stephenson County, providing rape crisis intervention, prevention education and domestic violence services. You can find out more about our mission here.