• Bone up on a subject

    Need to learn more about something? Or maybe just have a sudden interest in a new subject? Pay us a visit and you may be shocked at what what we have available. For example, one of our customers is a teacher who visited us when an autistic child joined her class. She felt she needed to learn more in order to meet his needs, and she found a number of excellent resources which were as good or better than books which would have cost her several times more on Amazon.

  • Find a signed treasure

    We maintain a special collection of books signed by the author. Past gems include a signed first edition of a book about the Titanic sinking written in 1912 and a young reader’s version of Profiles of Courage signed by President Kennedy. Check in often for new additions!

  • Learn a new skill

    Some of our best nonfiction books are those that teach a new skill. Have you always wanted to learn to draw or paint? We have guides for beginners, experts and everyone in between. We also have dozens of the popular Dummies guides on subjects ranging from photography to blogging.

  • See what the censors have banned

    In honor of Banned Books Week, we put together a display of banned books that became a year-round special section. Come sample works banned for reasons ranging from the merely misguided—banning The Call of the Wild for its “dark tone”—to the truly bizarre—banning Winnie the Pooh because the bear doesn’t wear pants.

  • Find fun for the kids and grandkids

    Some of our customers will come in and fill a bag with children’s books and age-appropriate puzzles to have on hand for their grandchildren. There’s always something new, and it’s inexpensive to boot. And speaking of that…

  • Keep the VCR out of the landfill

    One senior couple has the Energizer Bunny of VCR’s at their house—it just keeps going. When they visit, they look through our VHS selection for children’s videos. The titles often aren’t available on DVD, and the grandkids love them.

  • Keep plenty of other things out of the landfill

    Every item we sell is one that could have been thrown away. Sure, we can recycle magazines and even some books, but the best way to “recycle” that paper is to read it and love it! And if you have a cassette player on hand, we can keep you supplied with books on cassette..

  • Catch up on your magazines

    Our magazines are just 10 cents apiece, and though we have vintage issues show up here and there, most of our stock is magazines that are recent and popular, such as Popular Science, Family Circle and People. It’s difficult to imagine a better value for your dollar—or your dime.

  • Feed your soul

    Our religious sections are always well stocked. You can find information on many faiths, and our section on the Bible contains everything from rigorous classic commentaries to recent bestsellers.

  • Educate your children

    We maintain an excellent collection of curricula and other homeschooling resources. They’re perfect for either providing your child with a full home education or supplementing what they’re learning at school.

  • Create beautiful art

    It’s no secret we love books. But part of that recycling ethos we like so much is this: If a book can be used to make something else that’s beautiful, well, that’s a beautiful thing. Books and magazines can be re-purposed to make gorgeous art. Sometimes they can even serve the cause of art without being seen. One of our customers purchases coffee table books that we haven’t been able been able to sell. She carefully removes the covers and reuses them as canvases for her students to paint on. What could you create with just the right book?

  • Discover that not all who wander are lost

    One of the best things we can offer any customer is the joy of discovery. Come spend some time perusing the 65,000 items on our shelves and there’s no doubt you’ll find something you weren’t looking for, something you’ll not only like, but love.